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Physical Education ~ Policies

Policies and Procedures for Health/Physical Education Classes
Southeast Bulloch Middle School


1. All students will dress out immediately upon arrival in the gym unless otherwise instructed. Students not dressing out for the day should not enter the dressing rooms; those students should stay seated in the bleachers. After class, students should sit in the bleachers and wait for dismissal.
2. Students must dress out and participate to receive full credit for the day in class. Students start out with a 100 participation grade each week. Failure to dress out and/or participate will result in a 20 point per day deduction from their participation grade. To be Excused from dressing out or participating, you must have a note from a doctor, the school nurse, or a note from a parent or guardian. If your reason for not dressing out is unexcused, then you will be required to complete health book work during class time.
3. The 3rd, and 5th time that students do not dress out they will lose a Jacket Buck and every time after the 5th. The 7th time they do not dress out, students receive an office referral.
4. To be properly dressed out for P.E., students PE dress clothes must meet SEBMS dress code (shorts must come to the tip of the fingers) No sandals, flip-flops, open toed, backless shoes or boots may be worn in P.E. Students must change into different clothes from those worn to school to be considered properly dressed. Students will be given 5-7 minutes to dress out and get to his/her exercise spot. If tardiness becomes a problem, proper disciplinary procedures will be followed.
5. Do not wear Jewelry during P.E. classes. This is the safety of everyone in the class. Jewelry includes: watches, earrings, bracelets, and anything else deemed as a safety hazard by the instructor.
6. It is not permissible to use your cell phone in PE.
7. Do not leave valuables in the dressing room (money, jewelry, phones, ipods, etc…). Please put these items in coaches office.
8. No chewing gum or eating in the gym. Clean up after yourself!
9. If you should incur an injury of any kind please report it to your us Immediately!!!!!!!!
10. You may purchase a PowerAde after class but you must drink it before you leave the gym. $1.00
11. If you have any problems that could escalate into something serious while you are in the gym, report the incident to an instructor IMMEDIATELY!!!!
Grading Policy: All grades will be weighted the same. This includes: dressing out, participation, daily grades, written and skills test.