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  • 2008 - 2009 Title I Distinguished SchoolCheerleaders placed 1st at Richmond Hill against 6 other teams.

  • Patia Rountree and Tracy Ware will be attending the Weightless Flight of Discovery in Atlanta on October 7th.

  • Students raised $40.20 for Make-A-Wish, $462.00 for St. Judes Math-A-Thon, and $177 for American Diabetes.

  •  SEBMS Students participated in the GSU Math Team Competition.  8th grade teams placed overall 3rd and 5th; 7th grade teams placed overall 7th and 9th. Individually--Merekate S. placed 4th; Emiry B. placed 6th; Knapp B. placed 12th; Charles G. 13th; Kaitlyn C. placed 19th.

  • SEBMS Students participated in the 4-H Project Achievement Speech Contest.  Rachel B. placed 3rd in Veterinary Science, Tiara B. placed 1st in Performing Arts/Dance, Brandyn B. placed 3rd in General Recreation, Justin B. placed 3rd in Target Sports, Caitlyn C. places 2nd in Rabbits, Charity C. placed 2nd in Wildlife, Shawnee C. placed 3rd in Dog Care & Training, Bethany C. placed 2nd in Food for the Family,  Amy C. placed 1st in Geology, Sam C. placed 2nd in Agriculture Awareness, Cierra C. placed 2nd in Health, Samantha G. placed 2nd in History, Sydney G. placed 2nd in Between Meal Snacks, Mckenzie H. placed 1st in Performing Arts/Dance, Kaleb H. placed 1st in Agriculture Awareness, Elijah J. placed 1st in General Science, Marli K. placed 1st in Safety, Taylor L. placed 1st in Cat Care, Joseph M. placed 2nd in Horse, Shelby M. placed 1st in Companion Animal Science, Steven M. placed 1st in International, Brock M. placed 1st in Target Sports, Nicholas P. placed 2nd in Conservation & Recycling, Jonathan R. placed 1st in Arts, Chad R. placed 1st in Workforce Preparation & Career Development, Daniel S. placed 3rd in Sports, Chandler S. placed 1st in Rabbits, Rebekah S. placed 3rd in Conservation & Recycling, Denise S placed 3rd in Outdoor Recreation, Shaunte T. placed 1st in Photography, Rumin T. placed 2nd in International, Megan V. placed 1st in General Recreation, Alexis V. placed 2nd in Dog Care and Training and Amber W. placed 3rd in Cat Care. 

  •  Write Off Individual Winners Six Grade Winners: Spelling – 1st Place - Serina S. Capitalization and Punctuation – 1st Place - Cierra C. Usage – 2nd Place – Ashley O. 3rd Place – Marli K. Language Expression – 2nd Place – Lauren B.Writing – 1st Place - Nikki C. Mental Concentration – 2nd Place – Steven B. 3rd Place – Samantha G.7th Grade Winners: Vocabulary – 1st Place – Ginna G.    Spelling – 1st Place – Xamaica S. Usage – 3rd Place – Morgan A. Language Expression – 1st Place - Cameron K. Mental Concentration – 1st Place – Lane T. 3rd Place – Kayleigh D. 8th Grade Winners: Vocabulary – 1st Place – Sean O. Language Expression – 1st Place – Amanda J. 2nd Place – Brandon R. Writing – 3rd Place – Garrett D. Mental Concentration – 2nd Place – Chet F.